“For children, the ordinary or mundane becomes the edge of glory.  Every moment holds for them the potential of being surprised by joy.”  Betty Shannan Cloyd

Spring break begins tomorrow.  Today I am thinking about how to illuminate the quote above so that we can learn to communicate the value and importance of the ordinary moments in the lives of young children.  In recent weeks, I have had conversations with co-workers about curriculum changes that would respond to concerns about readiness.  And yet I cannot figure out how others are perceiving our students to be “not ready.”  So I have some reading, some thinking, and some reflecting to do.  I want to enter into this conversation with eyes and ears ready to listen and understand, and with a heart that holds fast to the spontaneity of young children.  I want to be able to ask good questions.  But most of all,  I want to have the potential to be surprised by joy.