I sat down at the table where the children were drawing pictures.  One boy was wearing  hat made out of an oatmeal container.  I commented on his great hat and he said he was a marching guy.   I asked him if he had seen a marching band but he said no.  I asked him if he had ever been to a parade but he said no.  Across the table, a little girl took in a deep breath and said, ” I went to a parade and I saw this horse, this simply amazing horse.  It was just so amazing.  It was so amazing I could almost cry.  But I didn’t.”  Then she went back to her drawing.  She didn’t need to give me any more details, her words, her voice, her posture, I could practically see that amazing horse.  You know what I think is amazing?  I think it is amazing that when we don’t mess around too much with trying to quiz kids about what they know, when we enter into their play and their work, as quiet observers, they will often tell us more than we could have expected.