Over the years I have acquired many books related to teaching and learning.  Recently I heard a woman speak about the way we, as adults tend to learn.  We grab a piece here, a snippet there, but we don’t often immerse ourselves in a topic.  I our classrooms, the teachers are giving children time to explore, discover, process, and create understanding.  In my own life, I rarely follow this same path.  So, I am piling up the books.  Some in this pile I have read before, but there are ideas that I want to rediscover.  A few are books that have been on my shelf for years, unread, yet not tossed into the used book store box.  And this is just pile # 1, books on this topic of  how children learn in early childhood.  There will be another pile to nurture my curiosity about faith development in childhood. 

The sun is out, the days are  longer, time away from school is closer on the calendar, and reading will be a big part of my time off this year.