A few weeks ago, one of the boys in a Pre-K class used materials at the art station to make a snail.  He carried it around most of the day and introduced Snaily to everyone who came into the room.  This is a boy who has not show much confidence and to see him hold up his creation and talk about it was a joy. His teacher told me that she needed to find some books on snails and to bring a snail from her garden.  When I visited the room last week, there it was, a real snail.  They had created a little habitat for the snail and even put a string across two blocks so the children could observe the snail as it moved along the string.  I was as fascinated as the children!  So there I sat, watching, listening to them explain what was happening and what they knew about snails and slugs.  Snails were not in the “curriculum” for May but this is a teacher who knows the importance of responding to a child’s curiosity.  I think this is work that nurtures curiosity in children AND teachers.  I look forward to visiting this class this week to see where they are going next.