I am a list maker. And I love to use a red marker to check things off my lists. This book isn’t about the daily lists. This is about using checklists as a way of creating consistency. I have a few take aways from reading this book. First, there are places in my work life where a checklist could ensure consistency and quality. I think of our admissions process as school. With a checklist, we could make sure that we have asked the right questions and given the information needed before we schedule a tour. Too often, someone arrives wanting full-time school when we only offer part-time. I hope to work with my admissions coordinator to create such a list that we can all use when taking inquiry calls.
But the second thing I am taking away is more philosophical. What are the things we value as a school? What are the non-negotiables? I imagine creating such a checklist would help us as we consider changes to our program from schedule to hiring to what kind of professional development we will pursue. I do enjoy the author’s style of writing. His venue is medicine. Mine is education. Yet I do not have any trouble making connections. Isn’t that the mark of a good book?