Yesterday I was making a messy breakfast – bacon on the stove top and juice in my juice machine.  For some reason, when I juice beets, I get little speckles of red all over the counter top.  Sometime preparing good food can be messy.  But that got me thinking about the messy business of early childhood education.  There is the basic messiness of paint and glue and play dough and toys strewn about.  Then there is the messy business of letting kids lead us – often taking us away from our carefully written lesson plans.  And of course working with grown ups has its own form of messiness as we struggle to communicate what we value and why we teach the way we teach and so on.  Messy work.  Good work.  I was looking at a flyer for a new preschool in our area.  There were pictures of the classroom space and it was very tidy, very neat.  There were not any children in the space.  I wondered why they didn’t show a picture of the space filled with children, engaged in work that can be messy.  Not sure exactly where to go with these ideas but with my summer break just hours away, I am thinking this might be a good place to sit for a while.  In the midst of the messiness, what is it that I love about my work?  What would I change?  What do I want to do differently?  Maybe I can ponder these questions while I am messing about in the garden.