I know I should be thinking about the work we did on assessment last week.  Or planning for the next parent coffee.  Or writing a newsletter.  Or making sure everyone has been filling out their time sheets so I can report to the payroll department.

But really, all I am thinking about is yarn.  There is a new pile of yarn in my basket.  I have wound one skein into a ball.  I am ready to cast on 107 stitches.  I can’t wait to hear the clicking of my needles as I begin to stitch this sweater.  I have done my homework; read the pattern through, made a swatch to check my gauge, looked up instructions on making a knitted buttonhole, practiced the pattern for the lace sections.  I am ready.  But I don’t want to rush this.  I want to linger over each step.  And I am hoping that I will be going forward, knitting on to the needles, not unwinding missed stitches.  But if I have to make a few starts, it won’t be the end of the world.  I hear we have a cold winter in store so there will be plenty of time for a new sweater.  And maybe I can ponder those pressing work questions as I sit and stitch.