Do we think of mountains as barriers or opportunities?  Something to climb or something that is between us and where we want to be?

As I was driving home from a retreat in August, I saw in front of me the mountain (as it is often called), sitting up strong and tall, capped with snow, looking like a postcard.  Then I glanced in my rearview mirror and there was another mountain.  This one looms out of the clouds as you drive north toward Canada.  I made a mental note of this.  Mountains in front and behind.  It seemed something I might write about.  But the late weeks of summer faded into the hurried days of fall and the writing did not happen.  I caught a glimpse of that mountain as I drove home from work yesterday and was reminded of the writing I promised myself I would do.  For now, I am just recording the image so I can hang on to it but I do think it is one worth exploring.