It is a tiny button.  Sometimes it is just a little pencil but it is there.  On my word documents or blog posts, it is there, wanting to help me, encouraging me to review and rethink before pushing publish.  The edit button. 

But we don’t have edit buttons on our foreheads or on the palm of our hands and editing in personal conversations seems to be getting ignored these days.  I have been in three situations in the last few weeks when I found myself wondering what has happened to our ability to edit?  Remember that I work with young children so impulse control and editing are not well-developed.  We expect our students to talk over one another or to blurt out information or ideas that might not be appropriate.  We are intentional about teaching children how to take turns in conversation, to listen and respond to what others have said.  But what about adults?  I am wondering if the lack of face to face interactions (texting, internet, email) has compromised our ability to self edit when we are in a meeting or a conversation with more than two people.  Simply waiting your turn to talk, or monitoring how much talking you have been doing, noticing that there are a few people around the table who haven’t had a chance to say anything.  It is a curious trend.  Maybe I could start a line of jewelry edit buttons.