My family is intrigued with numbers – they think about them, talk about them, make jokes about them.  When the girls were young, they did mental math at dinner

I am not such a numbers person but this set of numbers did catch my attention.  I started writing here with the intention of writing about early education, about nurturing curiosity in young children, about my work.  But over the last month, I find myself drifting, wanting very much to write but not only about that work.  So as the bud is forming on this new year, I am giving myself permission to let this be a space for unrestricted writing.  I am interested to see where that will take me. 
One number that I will be tracking this year is 52.  I have taken a personal challenge to knit 52 hats between December 1, 2010 and November 30, 2011.  These hats will be given to the local food bank for their hat basket – hats that are given to folks who come in to pick up food.  With just short of 5 weeks gone, I have knit 6 hats so I am off to a good beginning. 
Now, about those other numbers – all of those ones?  We will just have to keep an eye on them.

Happy New Year!