Our kids love to reminisce.  Remember that time . . .  And then we hear a story that we mostly remember and that generally makes us laugh – sometime hard enough to cry. 

This last week has been very cold and our pipes are prone to freezing so we had opened the cupboards under the sinks to make sure the heat would keep the pipes warm.  After a few days of noticing a large bucket with who knows what stored under a bathroom sink, I decided it was a good time to do a bit of cleaning.  There were some vases, a few odd pieces left over from a fish tank, and this little tub toy.  Why was it in here?  There wasn’t even a tub downstairs.  I wonder if I was planning to get rid of it but had second thoughts?  Or maybe one of the girls put it here?  I don’t know why it was there but it made me think of those bathtub days, silliness, giggles, bubble bath, spilled water.  I can’t wait to show this little toy to them and hear the stories unfold.