I watched the movie, Australia, the other night and the word story was used a lot.  I have been thinking about this idea of story.  We have our own stories but in a school, we also have a communal story.  And I wonder if we spend enough time thinking about that story, listening to that story, watching that story unfold.   In my meetings with new families, I always try to use pictures and words.  I talk about our goals, our philosophy, and then I show pictures – this is what it looks like.  Can you see the tale of children at various stages of development?  Can you read the theme of children moving toward confidence and cooperation?  Does the story we see in the classroom sync with the words on our website or in our publications?  Lately I have been tied up in meetings and with computer work.  I haven’t spent enough time in the classroom, watching the story unfold.  It is time to put that time on my calendar, to revisit the story and make sure I am reading it, listening to it.  Then I can share that story.