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This morning I read this sentence in a book by Wayne Muller – A life of being, having, and doing enough.

“Our work, then, is first to become clear and loving mirrors for one another, reflecting back to each other our own essential wisdom, our inherent clarity of insight, and our reliable inner wholeness.”

This work we do with young children demands that we do this, act as mirrors, reflecting, asking questions, working to bring clarity and understanding.  I have told myself that I need a pop-up on my calendar for this time of year. 
“Pay Attention:  questions of readiness will be coming your way and it will require a lot of conversation.”

I like talking about kids in the classroom, sharing slices of what learning looks like, highlighting developmental milestones for parents and teachers.  But it can also be exhausting to stay true to this practice of seeking clarity, drawing on wisdom.  Because sometimes, clarity, the right answer, the correct choice, is elusive.  Young children grow and change and develop each day.  What might be true today could change in the blink of an eye.  That awkward hold on the scissors might be turned around by one simple bit of instruction.  Or it might take months for the child to learn to hold the scissors differently.  We are impatient.  We want to know now.  We want to have certainty. 

That is the work.  To watch and listen and wonder and wait and watch and listen and wonder a bit more.