I began filling out an application for a scholarship yesterday.  If I am accepted, I will spend a part of my summer traveling and working with educators in another country.  I know the destination.  I know the dates.  I know I would need to get shots and a visa.  I don’t know where we would stay or what we would eat or how we might communicate or what exactly we would be doing.  And it doesn’t matter.  Because my story is that I am an educator and I am not done teaching and I am not done learning and I am not done being surprised. 

This was not always the case.  In the early years, I needed to know.  When I asked questions, I needed answers, and pretty quickly.  I didn’t want to be surprised.  But my story is taking me in new directions and I find myself starting the day with this prayer;
Thank you Lord for the wonder and surprise
you will bring into my life this day.

I am looking forward to the March-Slice of Life challenge because I believe that I will have many slices to share.  Visit TwoWritingTeachers for more information.