March Slice of Life Challenge  

Children often learn by watching.  They spend time looking at things, asking questions, wondering.  When do we stop using this technique to learn, to uncover meaning? 

It is conference and portfolio sharing time at our school.  Parents are eager to hear how their child is doing and wondering if they will be ready for kindergarten.  Teachers have  been collecting evidence, work samples, stories, notes, and photos.  They have completed observational learning records.  The classrooms are neat and tidy.  The schedules have been sent out.  Yet uncertainty hangs in the air like a low cloud.  Each year, I find myself wishing I could blow that cloud away.  Will parents see how amazing their child is?  Will they appreciate the learning that happens each day as we play and work in the classroom?  Have the teachers done  enough? (This seems a silly question to me but I know that my teachers are wondering.)  Collected the right evidence?  Set up the right stations?   Will parents be able to “see”  the learning? 

I have been in the classrooms.  I know it is there.  I am hope-filled this morning.  And I plan to take my seeing eyes with me as I walk though the classrooms today and talk with parents.  Maybe listening to those questions will help that cloud fade away to blue sky.