His first month of preschool was not easy.  He would take off his shoes and dump all the toys on the carpet.  He wasn’t interested in circle time and recess sent him into a jag of spinning and screaming.  Last year we found some routines that helped him navigate the classroom.  He began to use the names of his classmates and teachers.  Recess and dismissal were still difficult.  Mom and dad were great, implementing similar plans and routines at home.  They were also noticing growth.
The first months of this year were a struggle.  The room was bigger, the children louder.  But slowly, he moved away from the marble works and blocks and watched as the other children played in the housekeeping area.  Today he was wearing a post office shirt, carrying letters around in his bag, asking the children if they wanted mail.  And as the classroom assistant for the day, he smiled and made eye contact with his classmates as he signaled the end of circle time by saying, “Let’s get going and get to work.” 

Sometimes is happens overnight.  Other times we must be patient, waiting and watching for those little glimpses of change.