This month of writing daily has been so good.  I have found myself doing a lot of reflecting and observing, generally as the result of some little slice of my day.  Today I am thinking of the children who have come through my life and my classroom over the years.  Their stories continue after they leave our lives and sometimes we are fortunate to reconnect.

I recently ran into a family who had two boys in my classes.  The older son will graduate from high school and head off to college soon.  He chatted with me confidently and with apparent ease.  I remember him well.  He was nervous and anxious in preschool.  He wanted to do things right.  He also had a wonderful smile and was a very sweet friend to others.  His brother came through my class a few years later with a very different approach to life.  He enjoyed everything out loud.  Now, this younger brother seemed quiet and a bit withdrawn.  After the boys walked away, their mom stayed to tell a bit about their journey.  It hasn’t been easy.  She shared their struggles, their hopes, their prayers.  I walked away feeling as if I had received a blessing.  Many of these families come into our lives for such a short time but some also leave footprints on our hearts and minds.  I know I will be thinking and praying about this family and their story for some time to come.