This is the third year I have participated in the March Slice of Life Challenge.  Last night, I did some reflecting with paper and pencil about what I have learned.  Here are a few things: 

I like to write in the morning – on the days that I had to wait until evening, it was much harder to just write and I had to do more editing and revising.

A snippet or slice of a story is a great way to reflect on the most important thing – some of the slices I wrote about kids helped me sort out all the distractions and really get to the heart of who that child is in the classroom.  I am hoping this might be something I can use with my teachers as an observational tool.

I was writing for me.  I didn’t look to see if I had comments this year.  It was great when I did but I wasn’t driven by that.  There is some writing that I need to do just for me.

Writing in the morning means I commented less frequently.  I wanted to visit everyone who sliced, to support the community of writers, but too many days that got away from me.

Thanks again to Ruth (and Stacey) for the challenge.