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I was out on the trail yesterday, trying to run without walking, tunes playing in my ear, grey clouds overhead and very few others to distract me.  It wasn’t that long ago that I could not go for more than 2 minutes and now I have passed the 30 minute mark.  I got to thinking about this writing journey.  For me, it started more than 3 years ago when I stumbled on the TwoWritingTeachers website.  I wrote with hesitation at first, lots of editing, taking out pieces that felt too personal.  The words began to tell the story of my work with children, teachers, and families, it felt safe there.  But slowly, I found I needed to write about my own experience of family, friends, and faith.  I love this logo and this community that Stacey and Ruth have gathered.  I wonder if they are surprised at the path their work has paved?