I saw in the paper today that we have gone 191 days without reaching 70 degrees.  But when you are working with children, it isn’t necessary to reach 70 or 80 degrees – you just need a hint of sunshine and they begin to ask, “When can we go outside?”.  They don’t get hung up on how many days of rain we have had or how long it has been since we had 2 or more dry days.  They just want to get outside.  I am trying to take on this attitude.  When I leave for work, I pack my running gear,  a tank top and shorts, a short-sleeved shirt, tights and a long-sleeved shirt, a vest, hat, and gloves.  I am ready for whatever I find at the end of my work day.  Yesterday I got the brakes fixed on my bike and today I will bundle up and ride down the hill to work.  I hear it will be 65 degrees when I head home this afternoon!  But if those clouds come in early and the sky is grey, it won’t matter.  I am not living the story of a person who stays inside.