write - its good for you @twowritingteachers

More ideas from Anne Lamott:

Carry index cards and a pencil everywhere you go.  Writers write things down.

I was thinking about this on Saturday as I walked through a local store.  I noticed a woman with two boys moving toward me.  The older boy was right in step with her but the younger one lagged behind, weaving from one side of the aisle to the other, noticing all the items on the end cap display of wine.  And then he said this thing that I knew I had to write down:

“Uh oh!  Watch out mom.  Its the wines!”

I am not sure she heard him but I did and I really wanted to know the story behind his words.  Instead, I spent the rest of the afternoon imagining those little wheels turning in his head.  And as soon as I got to the car, I pulled out paper and pencil and wrote it down.  And this morning, I am putting a small notebook in my purse.