Growing up with three brothers who were constantly working the pecking order (who is stronger, faster, meaner) I considered myself non-competitive.  I was the perfect girly girl – I will just sit over here and watch, thank you very much
But something has triggered in me.  And I think it is a competitive streak.  This is my third month for the 50 mile challenge.  Last month I ran 73 miles and it felt good.  I don’t remember my ranking just that at some point, I was number 11 or 12.  This month, I found myself sitting in the top 10 and it felt good.  Until the day last week when I was number 5 for a brief moment and I knew I wanted that place.  I wasn’t going to run the next day but I didn’t want to risk losing my spot.  When I saw my ranking sink to number 7, the endorphins kicked in.  I don’t know these other runners.  I am sure they are lovely women.  All I know is, I won’t go down without a fight.  And I guess I have to stop saying I am not competitive.