I heard someone talking about three bites recently.  The idea is that you should try 3 bites of something before you dismiss it.  It seems a good idea.  And I realized that this is my third bite of the running life and I think I like it. 

When I was in college, I ran briefly with my father.  He was entertaining a mid-life crisis and was concerned about his health.  But I didn’t like running.  I would rather be dancing, swimming, or in a dance/aerobic class. 

The next time I tried running was about 11 years ago and I hit the trails as an encouragement to my daughter who was struggling with the running required in her P.E. class.  I was irritated by a teacher who just sent the kids out to run the track without any instruction about how to run or stretch.  My husband (a seasoned marathoner) became our coach, giving us the information we needed to succeed.  We ran a 5K after a few months which closed the running chapter for her.  But I was hooked and I found myself looking forward to that next run.  I began running with my husband (at the same time, not the same pace).  I ran through the early stages of a health crisis but as my energy waned, so did my running efforts. 

Over the next few years, I would go out for a run here and there but it wasn’t until last summer that I found my way back to the trail.  This time it was my older daughter who ran alongside me using the Couch to 5K program on our phones.  That accountability, someone asking if I was gong for a run, someone who would make a committment with me. 

It isn’t easy to fit all the things we want to do into our days.  Reading, writing, running, practicing drums.  When I begin to feel that I am over focused on running I try to remember that it is that drive that will get those shoes on my feet and out to the trail.  This is a part of my story.