Today’s prompt*** Why do you need this challenge? What project have you been afraid to start? Think back on the past six months. What were your time sucks? Why did you allow yourself to go days or weeks without writing? And what will you do differently this month to give yourself the gift of at least fifteen writing minutes a day?

I couldn’t wait to pull off that July calendar and see August sitting in front of me, fresh, without the markings of meetings or appointments or committment.  I snapped a picture of those blank squares.  And then I turned on the computer. Before I knew it, an hour had passed.  What?  Sure, I had finished two cups of coffee, a bowl of cereal, checked two email accounts and too many blogs on my reader to count.  And then I took some time to clean up my reader when I noticed I had a lot of blogs listed that haven’t been updated for months.  And I joined the August running challenge, sent a few emails, added a few items to my online calendar. 
Doesn’t take long to eat up an hour. 
This morning I finished reading a book on writing and I noted on my Goodreads page that I am reading about writing but not actually writing.  So, when I saw Ruth’s post about writing fifteen minutes a day, I jumped in. 
The first day of the month.
The first prompt – suggesting I consider how I let so much time go without writing.
I won’t post my fifteen minutes of writing here.  I will actually step away from this computer and put pen to paper.  What will I do differently this month?